The 3300X series not only look good, they are build to last. The four models in the range (floor standing or table Top – POU or Bottled water machine) all have HygieneGuard Tap Protection to reduce hand to tap bacterial contamination.

For perfect clean hot or cold water all of the AA 3300X range can be fitted with a SIP 1000 sanitiser.

Over night the SIP device injects tiny (03)Ozone bubbles into the hot or cold water tank, oxidised bubbles purify and kill any bacteria then the ozone simply reverts back to Oxygen. SIP has been tested and approved by the UK/European Water Cooler Trade Associations.

  • SLEEP MODE (if SIP is installed)
  • Can now also be fitted with an alarmed Drip Tray Overflow System to reduce the risk of leakage
  • All AA3300 Coolers (POU and Bottled) are WRAS approved.
  • Removable Lower Front Pane
  • Drip Tray Overflow System
  • Heating System Stainless Steel 2 litre tank. Thermostatically controlled to between 87 and 92ÂșC.
  • Cooling System Stainless Steel 3 litre cold water tank. Thermostatically controlled to 4C – 12C

Floor Standing
Height 1135mm (Bottled version 1165mm)
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm
Weight 18kg

Table Top:
Height 460mm (Bottled version 488mm)
Width 340mm
Depth 340mm
Weight 15kg