1 Refurbished Mini Magnum instant table top coffee machine

£650.00 plus VAT

Designed to go where no machine has gone before. With 3 canisters and 9 selections all within a footprint of just 16.5cm wide – proof that size really does matter! More capacity, more features.


-Built-in menu including standard and large drinks

-Full audit facility

-High speed delivery/whipping system

-Advanced solid state heating 3kW (13A)

-Programming in grams & millilitres

-Pre-loaded drink defaults

-Low voltage (12V) D.C control system

-Integral flush system

-Mains water or pumped versions available

-8 premium drinks

-Hot water on demand and measured

-Strong/large options as standard

-Compact size

-All zintec chassis/polycarbonate door

-New paint finish using metallic/polyester

-LED illuminated cup station


Width 165 mm
Height 660 mm
Depth 455 mm