The flat glass door provides the highest quality look and feel and with illuminated graphic panels is certain to entice consumers to try the quality beverages on offer.

The Crane Voce delivers a huge combination of drinks. Drink descriptions, clear step by step instructions and drink images make your selection quick, easy and offer plenty of additional extras such as syrup shots

  • A large selection menu area with a choice of build-a-drink or numeric selection keypad
  • High impact, illuminated graphic panels
  • Easy to brand, quick change top and bottom graphic panels and slide menus can be customised to suit your brand or location
  • Fast vend times, the perfect solution for workplace, office and leisure locations
  • Flexible cup drop unit available in 7oz, 9oz, or 12oz sizes with up to 600 cup capacity
  • Operator friendly, easy to clean, fill and service
  • Incorporates SureVend.  An infra-red sensor detects that a cup has dropped or that a user’s own mug is in place
  • Compliments the Crane range of Snack, Food and COld Beverage equipment


  • Height: 1830mm
  • Width: 700mm –
  • Depth: 790mm
  • Weight: 193 kg