Featuring a good capacity and easy-to-use push button product selection, it can be installed with a minimum of inconvenience and tailored to bespoke customer requirements.

The ‘Encore Auto’ coffee vending machine also has the option to become a free-standing machine as well as table-top, integrating perfectly with a variety vendor stations/cabinets.

This versatility extends to integration with SnackBreak MINI, IceBreak can vendor, Waterboy vendor and branded storage cabinets

  • Drink selection is simplicity itself with an incredibly user friendly push button system.
  • Indicator lights guide the user through every step of making their chosen drink.
  • Free vend machine as standard. However it is I-Key cashless payment system compatible, or can be specified to have electronic coin mechanism or full change-giver (including separately lockable cash box)
  • Incredibly user friendly, high capacity and feature packed.
  • Convenient internal stir stick dispenser
  • Table-top or free standing options – including integration with a variety of vendor cabinet systems
  • Hot water or refrigerated water at a touch of a button

Height: 630 mm

Width: 640 mm

Depth: 475 mm

Weight: 37 kg